Monday, April 14, 2008

Community Task Force Formed For Carova Beach Area

In a recent email, I asked Charlie Pool, member of the newly formed Community Task Force in Carova Beach, to briefly detail the goal of the Task Force as it pertains to the 4WD off-road area. His response on April 9th is below:

Briefly, the task force is presently working with Dan Scanlon, our county manager, in a effort to improve beach safety and road conditions in the four wheel drive area. We are researching several avenues to accomplish our goals and at this point we are waiting for legal assistance from the county attorney, researching a variety of methods on our own, and Dan Scanlon is in the process of researching methods the county may assist in accomplishing our goals. I have a good feeling we will soon be able to implement some noticeable improvements to road conditions as well as beach safety. Our next meeting with Dan Scanlon will be in about two weeks.

It certainly is refreshing to see a group of dedicated locals working to improve the off road area and keep it safe and enjoyable. I will report more on this issue as I learn of it.