Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carova Beach Park & Boat Ramp

UPDATE 4-23-08

In my quest to obtain real-time, first-hand information about the 4WD area, I went straight to the source and once again called on Tab Winborne, local builder and general contractor for the Carova Beach Park and Public Boat Ramp for an update. His detailed response is below:

The Park is moving along.

The split face concrete masonry foundation and below grade walls are completed. The cells will eventually be filled solid with concrete & #5 rebar installed from the footing to the roof. It will be the most solid building in Carova.
The select fill is completed below grade and the electrical/ plumbing rough-in has been completed.
We anticipate the slab and some walks to be completed next week.
The masons will return to complete the walls once the slab is completed.

The Bulkhead is completed.

Picnic Shelters:
Our framers have completed the framing of the picnic shelters. They are heavy timer constructed but still have some gentle details on the rafters.

I attach some details for the building and site.

We anticipate the major permit required by CAMA any day. This permit will allow us to begin work on the walkways around the bulkhead, the boat ramp, boat dock and the sidewalks in the Area of Environmental Concern. The process is lengthy but there are several Governmental Agency's which have our design under review.

Tab Winborne
Tab Winborne Corporation
757 237 2802

UPDATE 2-3-2008: Carova Beach Boat Ramp And Park
In a recent email from contractor and local 4WD area builder, Tab Winborne, he stated that the park should be completed in the Spring of 2008. The bulk head is finished and the building should start next week. The ramp and walkways require a special permit and it is currently under review. For further details, you can email Tab directly.

Original Post
Construction is underway for the public boat ramp and park in Carova Beach! The park falls under the jurisdiction of the Currituck County Parks & Rec Dept. The most recent article on the park I have found is here. The County obtained the land when the Wild Horse Estates subdivision was developed and received a $250,000 grant from the State to construct the park on the Southern-most canal in the Carova area. According to John Cece, CAMA officer in Elizabeth City, the county has not yet applied for a permit to dredge the canal, particularly an area known locally as the 'cattle crossing', where depths and winds can render access impossible. It is my understanding they will be applying for this permit further along in the project. For a plat of the proposed park (subject to change), click here.