Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fozzie the Seal heads back home

The Harbour Seal, Fozzie, who was rescued out in front of Twiddy's 4x4 Wash Woods Office has recovered and was released back home on Thursday. Having spent the day with Fozzie when he washed up, he seemed to be a resilient little guy. The Virginia Pilot's Cindy Clayton provided the follow up story below (Photos taken by Todd Spencer) and there is a great video showing Fozzie's release....complete with a new hairdo.

By Cindy Clayton
The Virginian-Pilot
© March 12, 2010

A harbor seal rescued after it was found stranded in January in Carova, N.C., was released Thursday into the ocean from Virginia Beach.

Fozzie the seal had been undergoing treatment for severe pneumonia at the Virginia Aquarium Marine Animal Care Center since being rescued Jan. 19, according to the aquarium. The seal also had a healing fractured rib.

The seal was released Thursday afternoon from First Landing State Park.

Fozzie weighed 42 pounds on arrival in Virginia Beach and now weighs 70 pounds, a news release said.

The stranding team warns residents that seals and other marine wildlife can be aggressive and dangerous if approached by people.

Those who see stranded animals are urged to keep their distance and report the animals on the team’s 24-hour hotline, (757) 437-6159.

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