Saturday, June 6, 2009

Commissioner Gets Carova Beach Staffed with EMS for Summer Season

It appears the Daily Advance was able to pick up scent. Here is the link to their article . The earlier article is posted below:

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With a career background in EMS and Fire Service, Commissioner Vance Aydlett knows how important response times are in emergency situations. The off-road area has historically always had a low call volume when it comes to emergencies, but a response time that many felt was too long. Commissioner Aydlett has set out to do something about it. "I sat down with the County Manager and the EMS Director and told them I wanted some sort of plan to provide an enhanced EMS service for the Carova Beach Area."

Aydlett's initial goal was to provide 24 hour EMS service from the Carova Beach Fire Station but because of other budgetary concerns within the County, the Board of Commissioners ultimately agreed to providing two full-time EMS personnel and ambulance coverage from 9AM-9PM, 7 days a week. Coverage is beginning this weekend and will continue through the tourist season until mid-October.

This is a great step in providing better emergency services to the year round residents and seasonal vacationers. I know it is hard for some to place a great deal of importance on providing more services for so few calls, but for the person making that call, there is no service more important.

Commissioner Aydlett, thanks.