Monday, October 6, 2008

Bridge Plans Moving Forward, Narrowed Down To 3 Options

The NC TurnPike Authority has recently released their newsletter in October 2008 that inicates that the financial feasibility study is complete. There have been 4 proposers to make the list for the project. Additionally, the NCTA has narrowed down the Mid-Currituck Bridge Project to the following three options:

One option, ER2, includes not building the bridge but improving and widening US 158 and RT 12. This would involve a '6-8 lane Superstreet' between the Wright Memorial Bridge and Rt 12 whereby entering sidestreet traffic could only turn right.

The second option, MCB2, involves a combination of building the bridge AND making road widenings along US 158 and Rt12. Road widenings would not be to the extent of the first option, ER2.

The third option, MCB4, is more of a straight bridge only the least amount of road widening manipulations of existing infrastructure.

Up next in 2009 will be the draft and final environmental impact statement with an outcome decision hopefully to be had in late 2009. I'll update as more information becomes available. For the latest and most detailed information, visit the NCTA's website directly.