Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sandfencing: Letting Mother Nature boost your property value

For property owners, sandfencing is a relatively inexpensive way to preserve and improve property values. So many potential buyers out there tend to seek out properties that have solid elevation. The reasons are many:

1. Elevated lots offer better Ocean views from future houses which plays a major role in determining value.
2. When selecting a lot for construction, properties with adequate sand reduce the need or amount of fill that needs to be brought in to support a conventional septic system.
3. For properties located in the 100 year floodplain, having certain elevations can allow property owners to apply with FEMA to have a lot or dwelling reclassified out of the 100 year floodplain. This is CRITICAL in the 4WD area as this can eliminate a lender's requirement for costly private flood insurance, thus keeping insurance costs down.
4. More elevation reduces risks from potential flooding issues during storm events or periods of heavy rain.
5. If a house pad can meet certain elevation requirements, then dwellings have the legal option of having ground floor enclosures which allow for more heated living space and potential added value, particularly in a vacation rental market.
6. For properties in close proximity to the Ocean, it is not only a way to preserve a protective dune structure but also a way to maintain/preserve/improve CAMA setback lines allowing for more flexibility utilizing placement on the property.
7. While the majority of ATV users are considerate and responsible, there are those rogue few that trespass and destroy private property and can erode away already existing elevation, hurting property value and destroying valuable vegetation. Sandfence can be a deterrent from this scenario happening on your property.

For those wanting to do their own sandfencing, the picture at the top shows how CAMA would like it done, particularly out on the Oceanfront....believe me they will enforce the rules these days. Anyone wishing to have a quote for sandfencing to be done on their existing property, here's my shameless plug: I actually co-own a sandfencing company. You can give me a call at 252-457-1136 or click here for an estimate. I will also provide the contact numbers for other sandfencing operations in the 4WD area so that you can compare prices to find the outfit best for you.