Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New State well regulations to take effect in 2008

A very important issue that has seemed to go under the radar is the new regulations effecting private drinking wells in all 100 counties in North Carolina. It appears that by no later then July 1, 2008 all counties are required to adhere to the new statutes written out by the general assembly. I have only been able to find a copy of this general statute at the NC general assembly's website. For a copy of the bill along with my highlights of issues I feel are important, click here

These regulations and oversight are necessary to ensure some baseline level of consistency across the state, but it comes at an increased cost for consumers. It appears the Health Dept. will require pre and post site visits for inspections, water tests, site plans, etc...

Additionally, when buying a vacant land property, Buyers will need to not only do site evaluations for soil suitability of septic systems but will soon need to consider well placement for improvement purposes.