Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Hurricane Sandy Beach Videos of the 4WD Area

Given the volume of calls and emails regarding the beaches and current conditions, I took video driving on the 4WD beach in 1 mile segments so inquiring minds can see some Post Hurricane Sandy shots.  Let me know if you need more specifics.

Ramp to MP 14

MP 14 to MP 15

MP 15 to MP 16

MP 16 to MP 17 (Swan Beach)

MP 17 to MP 19 (USFW land)

MP 19 to MP 20 (N. Swan Beach)

MP 20 to MP 21 (NSB to S. Carova)

MP 21 to MP 22 (Carova Beach)

MP 22 to MP 23 (Carova Beach)

MP 23 to MP 24 VA line

Forgive me, this is rather amateur and I had to put each video to music since the alternative was a repeated dialogue with my 5 year old on the value of eating all the carrots in his lunchbox.